On the impact of the global 2nd hand clothes trade -

An exchange with different stakeholders in Accra, Munich & New York.

Organiser: Die Umwelt-Akademie e.V. & Responsive Fashion Institute


Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, 6th of May 2021 Time: 7.00 - 8.30 PM

Language: Englisch


This event brings together the different representatives of the global trade in 2nd hand clothing. It aims to stimulate an exchange between different positions along the value chain.

At this event, the various international representatives of this global industry will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and consider together what potential this industry holds, also in view of the current situation of Covid 19.

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Chloe Assam

  Designer, researcher, community organizer and the Manager of Ghana Operations for the OR Foundation. With her background in Fashion Design, Chloe sees the negative impact of fast fashion thoughtless overproduction and she is on a mission to do something about it. Chloe’s work with the OR Foundation builds on her personal advocacy and gives her the space to have a tangible impact on the people working with the Kantamanto ecosystem, specifically the kayayei (female head porters).

Günther Langer


Head of operations, Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München (AWM), member of the EUROCITIES 'task force on used textiles' and Chair of the VKU's Europe Technical Committee. AWM collects the used clothing in its own containers and contracts out the sorting and recycling to certified disposal companies.

Liz Ricketts   Educator, designer and the co-founder of The OR Foundation, a USA and Ghana-based non-profit working at the intersection of environmental justice, education and education and fashion development. Under Liz’s leadership, The OR Foundation has
been researching the global secondhand clothing economy since 2016 and is on a mission to catalyze a Justice-led Circular Textiles Economy in Accra. Liz holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and graduated from the fashion design program at the University of Cincinnati.
Martin Wittmann   Entrepreneur and board member of the textile recycling trade association (bvse) and vice president of the textile division of the European recycling umbrella organisation EuRIC. Mr Wittmann represents the textile recycling companies who convert donations into ‘goods' and distribute them internationally.



Juliane Kahl

Juliane Kahl - Board Member for Sustainable Fashion, Die Umwelt-Akademie e.V. and CEO Responsive Fashion Institute


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